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Flight to MAKS - International Aviation and Space Salon on Tu-134 VIP
We made a flight on the legendary Tu-134 to the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS) in Zhukovsky, where thousands of fans of aviation and technology came on buses, trains and cars to see the latest achievements, unique developments and the veterans of aviation.

We visited this unique event not just as spectators, but also as direct participants - our Tu-134 RA-65994 landed directly on ZIA, all the traffic jams were left behind! Moreover, we've been taxing with our passengers through the crowd direct to parking on the exposition - once in a life experience! It was a real business jet with leather interior, soft sofas and an atmosphere of unprecedented luxury!

Another bonus of the this trip - visits to the IL-76 MDK, guided tours around the historical planes and inside Tu-144 without waiting in the lines.
The tour organizer
Sergey Martirosyan
Feel free to contact him directly: aviator@aviator.ru
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