The Road of Life


The Road of Life

What’s the buzz?

A small group of tourists will visit the newest Russian aviation museum and climb into the cockpit of the famous defender of Leningrad — the hardworking Li-2. It’s not just any old trip — you will dig into the history of aviation. It is an exclusive tour developed especially for true connoisseurs of beauty. You won’t find tours like that anywhere, it’s purely our idea.

Moreover, you will get inside the cockpit of the Li-2 in the Road of Life Museum on Lake Ladoga. Most visitors only get to see the aircraft from the outside, but our tourists will have a chance to get inside it and look into the cockpit. The highly qualified personnel of the museum will tell us about the history of this airplane, its exploits during the siege, and a DIY method of gun installation on aircraft.

But before that, we will visit the high-end Museum House of Aviators in Vsevolzhsk. We will find out how famous pilots ended up in a cheese factory. It’s an interactive museum where you can press lots of buttons.