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Water and Air of North Ossetia

A breath-taking aerial tour in North Ossetia:

see the most outstanding sights of the region from the ground and from the air.

Touch the history, stuff your face, see the HPP

This is, probably, the most unusual tour of North Ossetia. You will visit places your neighbours and colleagues have most certainly never been to, you will have a bird’s-eye view of the mountains, you will experience having the sky beneath your feet, get acquainted with the fascinating history of hydropower in the region and you will literally touch the history by visiting the tactile museum of ethnography. We will stay in a hotel and ride off-road vehicles. Our excellent guides will tell you about the specifics of living in this region, surprise you with old legends and share their extensive knowledge of history and culture.


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Water and Air of North Ossetia

37,800.00 45,300.00 


* This is our standard programme in North Ossetia for groups. The programme can be adjusted and expanded at your request. The cost will remain at the same level with a group size of 4 people. The cost of a similar program for two will be approximately 45,000 per person with the same conditions and is available on any dates.

** The promotional price of the tour is indicated, valid until the end of 2020. It will be more expensive in 2021.

Why is it cool?

5 days

in a stunning area a rare tourist has been to

30 minute

plane flight over the mountains

12 tours

of beautiful places with like-minded people


the best in the city; premium rooms


we travel to the mountains in Toyota PRADOs or Mitsubishi Pajeros


affectionate pros who know all about the region

What’s on the agenda?

Flights, of course!

Over the Caucasus Mountains and mountain gorges. We will rise above reality and ourselves.
We will go to the local airfield to take an unforgettable flight over the mountains on the airplanes that work for the benefit of the local flying club and Russian gliding and show the local glories to our tourists. After the flight, you will receive a commemorative certificate.


We will go to the mountains by comfortable cars with reliable drivers to marvel at the local beauty.

North Ossetia was once a prosperous region — the history of the local industry and culture is astonishing. The mountains start right outside the city, so we won’t have to travel long to get to this glorious place. You will see winding paths and waterfalls, lush vegetation and the wonderful colours of the mountains, but at the same time you will spend the nights in a comfortable hotel to enhance your impressions of the trip. North Osetia Unfortunately, this area has no hotels of the level we’d like to offer our guests, but we hope that this situation will change sooner or later.


We will listen to scary and fascinating ancient legends, amazing and sad stories of the recent past.
North Ossetia was once a prosperous region — the history of the local industry and culture is astonishing. Back in the 19th century, Belgians built factories and power plants here, and in the Soviet era, the region led an active industrial and tourist life: vacation centres and summer camps flourished, ski resorts and gliding developed rapidly. People from all over the country came to work and rest here. Sadly, it is in the past. Now we can only feel nostalgic about those days.

Hydroelectric Power Plants

The hydroelectric power plants (HPP) of North Ossetia are fantastic!

One of the oldest HPPs — Gizeldonskaya HPP — is situated in this region. The construction began in 1927 as part of the GOELRO plan. The plant was commissioned in 1934. In mid-1942, when the war almost reached North Ossetia, the two main hydroelectric sets were evacuated to Central Asia. Over 30 kilometres of mountain roads, the trucks loaded with the equipment had been towed by tanks. Zaramagskiye hydroelectric power plants are, on the contrary, very modern: the main HPP was commissioned in 2009, and Zaramagskaya HPP-1 was launched just a short time ago — in 2020.

City Tour

We will admire vintage trams, ask the guides about life in the present, buy cheese and local strong kvass.
Vladikavkaz is the capital city of the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania and is one of the most beautiful cities in the North Caucasus. It is a major industrial, scientific and cultural centre of southern Russia. Nestled on the northern slopes of the Central Caucasus, at the foot of the rocky cliffs and snow-capped mountains on the banks of the rapid Terek, Vladikavkaz is not only one of the most strategically important cities of the North Caucasus Federal District, but also its intellectual and cultural centre.

Cable Cars

and Another Bird’s Eye View

Tsey Gorge is one of the largest ski resorts famous not only in the Caucasus but also throughout Russia and the CIS. Tsey… The land of majestic snow-capped peaks, turbulent mountain rivers, frothy waterfalls, snowfields and glaciers, pristine coniferous and mixed forests, grasslands and shrublands, pure ozone-rich air, and magnificent sceneries. Thanks to the unique nature, Tsey is the hub of various hiking, climbing, skiing, and sightseeing tours of different levels of difficulty.


for a change :)
We will drop by a unique ethnographic complex in the village of Unal which opened its doors to the public only recently — in 2018. Such museums are very rare, and not just in the Caucasus. The thing is that it is a tactile museum visitors can touch the history, the eternity. The museum also features a renovated ancestral tower — you can go inside and climb to the top, which offers a great view of the gorge.

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    * This is our standard programme in North Ossetia for groups. The programme can be adjusted and expanded at your request. По вашему желанию для вашей группы программа может быть изменена и дополнена

    The programme includes a stay in a mountainous area, visits to the border areas and flights over the mountains, that is why the programme is subject to change with no loss of quality due to weather conditions in the mountains. However, we have alternative routes in North Ossetia in case one of the planned activities becomes unavailable. Your safety (and ours, of course) is of the utmost importance to us. Please be understanding.

    Who will take care of me on this tour?

    Flight Instructors of the Flying Club

    All pilots of the Vladikavkaz Flying Club are experienced aviators who have dedicated their lives to aerospace and teaching the youth. Flights occur almost every day — people from all over southern Russia come here to learn to fly. In addition to their extensive experience and a great number of flights performed, the flying club and its team have all the required licences and documents.

    Anya Vasilenko

    Anya was born and grew up in North Ossetia in the family of glider pilots. She spent her childhood and adolescence at the airfield and became a professional skydiver. Now she’s eager to share the most amazing facts about the region. Anya is a professional guide and photographer. She adores the mountains and knows all about them. She knows how to take awesome pictures and she’s willing to help you do the same.