Land of Aviators

Probably, the most unusual tour in the Smolensk region
The origins of aviation, the homeland of the first astronaut


A tour for families with curious children

A small group of curious tourists meets in the town of Gagarin, not far from Moscow, and plunges into the history of space exploration and aviation in Russia. We will spend three extremely busy but comfortable days in the Smolensk region, learn about the life and the flight of the first astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, who opened a new era in the history of humankind, take a look at the papers of Sergei Korolev and the magic of the birth of great ideas, embrace a MIG-17 and reopen the forgotten pages of our military history, have a photo shoot in a flight uniform, find out where sports aircraft are built and why aeromodelling is so exciting, and ever build our own plane.

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Double, Single


Smolensk, Vyazma, Гагарин


Land of Aviators

16,350.00 18,350.00 


Why is it cool?

3 days

Total immersion in aerospace under the supervision of our guides in the company of passionate tourists who are on the same page with you.

3 towns

We will explore the history of the region in general and its aerospace pages in particular.

6 tours

A busy programme which will give you the rarest and very insightful knowledge.

What will we visit? What will we do?

Hometown of the first astronaut

The first people settled on the banks of Gzhat (former name of Gagarin) as early as in the Neolithic, around 2000 BCE, to give life to the world’s first astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, 4000 years later. In 1968, Gzhatsk was renamed Gagarin in honour of the first astronaut. We will see Gagarin’s life as a kid, see how his parents lived, visit the Museum of the First Spaceflight, and take pictures of the real Sikhote-Alin meteorite, the multi-tonne engine of the Vostok rocket, the desk of Sergei Korolev with his unique documents, the isolation chamber SBK-48, and the simulators used for the training of the first astronaut team.

The most ‘aeronautical’ Vyazma

Vyazma, one of the oldest Russian towns, has not only a rich historical heritage, but also a great aerospace background. We will touch a real MIG-17 used for the training of Svetlana Savitskaya, twice the Hero of the Soviet Union, the first female astronaut to walk in space.

Forpost 863 Museum & Park

Forpost 863 offers and interactive programme: a tour of the museum, a story of the air force units that fought near Smolensk in 1941-1943, of the 212th special bomber regiment headed by Alexander Golovanov, the transport aviation regiment headed by Valentina Grizodubova, and the Fighter Squadron 2/30 Normandie-Niemen. You will see a real Mi-2 helicopter and a collection of model aircraft. Then we will have a photo shoot like real pilots!

Defensive Wings of Russia Tour

As history would have it, the Smolensk region produced the first Russian pilot, M.N. Yefimov, who obtained his degree of an aviator back in 1910. This is also the birthplace of one of the pioneers of Russian aviation, G.V. Alekhnovich; a test pilot and the commander of the multi-engine aircraft Ilya Muromets, as well as the creator of one of the main fighters of WWII La-5, S.A. Lavochkin, and many others. The aviation industry commenced its development in Smolensk as early as in the 1920s.

Make our own planes

The first model aircraft competition in Russia took place 100 years ago. The tour will introduce you to the different kinds of models and their categories. You will see a performance by the aircraft modelists of the Smolensk flying club Polyot and, after this little preparation, take part in a workshop on model aircraft.

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    You Ask? We Answer

    The tour starts at 9.05 in Gagarin, so you can take a Swallow train from Moscow, which arrives right in time for our programme, and avoid the traffic jams. Please note that our tour ends in Smolensk, so if you want to travel by car, you can return from Smolensk to Gagarin to pick your car up by a Swallow.

    Our journey ends at 4 pm. This way you can catch a speed train from Smolensk, where our programme ends, to Moscow. The train arrives to Moscow at 8.33 pm. If you’d like to stay in Smolensk for a little longer, there are two more speed trains after 7 pm, however, they arrive to Moscow almost around midnight.

    Please be understanding about any changes in the programme due to museum availability. In any case, changes are possible only within the programme, after we get together.

    The cost includes:
    — Twin/double accommodation in the hotels
    — Six tours within the programme
    — Museum admissions
    — Workshop on aircraft modelling
    — Transfers from the train station in Gagarin and to the train station in Smolensk
    — Group transfers within the tour
    — Experienced guides throughout the trip
    — Meals within the programme: two breakfasts, three lunches, two dinners
    — Tour of the airfield and introduction to the machines
    — Admissions to all facilities within the programme
    — Consultations by the organisers
    — Unforgettable experience

    — Activities before/after the main program
    — Single supplement: RUB 2,000 per night

    — Transfers to Gagarin/from Smolensk
    — Personal expenses

    We will stay in comfortable 3* hotels (Standard Hotel and Respect Hotel) in twin rooms

    We offer the following discounts for children aged 4 to 14:
    10% off for children travelling with one adult
    20% off for children travelling with two adults (accommodation in one room)

    For those who love to discover new routes: Tunoshnaairport serves flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    If you travel by car, you can park your car at Levtsovo airfield or the hotel car park. We offer you to join the group for the tour and use our comfortable transfer vehicles. We offer you to join the group for the tour and use our comfortable transfer vehicles.