Sky Beneath Your Feet - Gliding Over Mountains

A unique opportunity to join the world of aviation, take the first step of gliding training, and glide over the Caucasus Mountains.

Gliding Over Mountains

When you choose this adventure, you can be sure that you won’t get this experience anywhere else. You will glide through the air silently, spreading wings like a bird. You will have mountain peaks beneath your feet, quiet and picturesque, and only the cool deep sky of Caucasus above you. A gliding experience is always fascinating, including the silence — no sounds but the wind behind you.

Where and when?

Vladikavkaz | on request

How much? **

from 4500 rub.

How to fly over the mountains?

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Why is it cool?


days a year the weather is great for flying, so there is only a tiny chance your flight will have to be cancelled

605 м.

above sea level — the location makes this airfield the highest in Russia

10 800 м.

above sea level — this is the flight record for a non-motorised vehicle set in 1986 and never broken yet

flight program

Transfer to the airfield

Early in the morning, while it is still cool, our vehicle will pick you up, so you can focus on the coming flight without having to worry about little things

09:00 - 9:30

Tour of the airfield & training

You will arrive to one of the most stunning Russian airfields spread at the foot of the magnificent mountains of the Caucasus. The understanding and caring team of the Gizel Flying Club will introduce you to the airfield equipment, explain to you how gliders fly (by some magic, actually!), and brief you before the flight — when you get in the glider, you will be absolutely ready.

9:30 - 10:00

полетать на планере

Flying Magic

10:00 - 10:30

Free time at the airport. We strongly recommend you to linger at the airfield after your flight. First of all, you won’t want to leave: it is a nice and quiet place with wonderful people, pure water that flows down the mountains, fresh mountain air, and tranquil scenery. Secondly, when your adventure is over, you can enjoy a Caucasus lunch. We are positive that the emotions you get from gliding are better taken with khinkali, Ossetian pies, and fantastic local kvass.

10:00 - 12:00

Mountain Tour

If you wish, after lunch, you can take a tour in the mountains: the organisers will find the route and vehicles that best suit your needs.

12-00 - 17-00

Approximate end time of your adventure: 12.30 pm
If you go on a tour, you will be back in the city at around 5.00 pm.
Please be understanding about any changes in the programme due to the weather conditions. However, the flying club of Vladikavkaz is notable for its fair weather.

  • Glider flight “over the point” – 4.000 rubles.
  • Flight on a glider with elements of aerobatics – 5.500 rubles.

  • Glider flight over the Caucasus Mountains – 10,000 rubles.

  • Flight on a glider with a flight book – 3.500 rubles.

  • Excursion to the mountains with an accompanying person – 4.000 rubles. per car (3 persons)

  • Aviation lunch – 200 rubles / person

The cost includes:

— Comfortable transfer
— Comfortable transfer
— Experienced guide familiar with the history of aviation, the airfield, and aeronautics
— Gliding over the Caucasus Mountains
— Tour of the airfield and introduction to the machines
— Aviation lunch
— Consultations by the organisers
Unforgettable experience
Optional: aerobatics: barrel roll, loop-the-loop, steep spiral, zoom, stall turn + RUB 1,500 to the base price
We can also arrange accommodation in Vladikavkaz and an extended tour programme.

Who will look after me?

Flight Instructors of the Flying Club

All pilots of the Vladikavkaz Flying Club are experienced aviators who have dedicated their lives to aerospace and teaching the youth. Flights occur almost every day — people from all over southern Russia come here to learn to fly. In addition to their extensive experience and a great number of flights performed, the flying club and its team have all the required licences and documents.