Cradle of Aviation

A tour to the very origins of Russian aviation — Gatchina and Gostilitsy airfield to make sure that they really fly.


An emperor on an airplane. Could you believe it? Well, believe it or not, the first aircraft in Russia appeared in the tsarist era. The emergence of aviation in a country is not an ordinary development of infrastructure, it is the beginning of a new era, the embodiment of the everlasting dream of flying. Our tour will help you feel and grasp this idea. You will get acquainted with the memories and emotions of the first Russian (yes, Russian back then, not yet Soviet) pilots, you will find out how much the first aircraft cost and how they flew. Interesting fact: the first aircraft in Russia belonged of the same department as the pigeon post. Later, we will drop by a small and cosy & uncrowded museum of the history of aircraft engines to find out what part of an airplane is the most important. Aviation experts will tell you how the humankind managed to overcome the force of gravity and who was the first to realise what was needed to do so. We will also visit one of the largest active private airfields — Gostilitsy — to make sure that these machines can really fly. You can also take a bonus air trip over the historic sites of the Oranienbaum Bridgehead. You can also take a bonus air trip over the historic sites of the Oranienbaum Bridgehead. We have developed this program together with the specialists of the United Museum of Civil Aviation of St. Petersburg, which, of course, we are very proud of.

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Cradle of Aviation



Where and when?

St. Petersburg 12.12.2020, 17.10.2020, 21.11.2020

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Our Programme

A comfortable coach will pick you up from the gathering point We will move on along the historical roads of the Leningrad region to get to the birthplace of Russian aviation and the first emperor airfield — Gatchina.

10:00 - 11-00

Our highly qualified guide will share his extensive knowledge and, naturally, the amazing story of the imperial residence shrouded in mystery and playing second fiddle to other grand summer residences. We will visit the museum of the aircraft engine history where you will get introduced to the heart of the aircraft. Then we will move on to former Gatchina airfield to see the landing area of the first Russian aircraft and the MiG-21 monument. After that, we leave for the active airfield Gostilitsy to compare the past and the present.

11:00 - 12-00

We arrive to one of the largest private airfields in Russia to start our friendship with a delicious aviation lunch. Buns are a compulsory item of our programme. Trust us, we know all about buns, and Gostilitsy buns are really special.


We sincerely believe that no excursion around St. Petersburg should be complete without the Gostilitsa airfield. And here we are! During the tour of the airfield, you will meet people whose life is intertwined with these places and will hear stories from people who have studied the details of the events of the Oranienbaum Bridgehead for years. Y You will also see the life of modern aircraft.


You can take a short air trip and see the places of military glory from above. On the way back, you will hear more details about the places you saw from above and will have an opportunity to relax and reflect on your recent experience.

* The tour schedule has been changed due to the peculiarities of the thematic museums. Мы постарались сделать программу экскурсии по Питеру такой, чтобы вы как можно больше времени провели на свежем воздухе, но не успели замёрзнуть. Когда жизнь вернётся в привычную колею, мы вернём в программу музеи – они тоже безумно интересные!

Tour Cost
Adults: RUB 3,400 per person
Children under 14: RUB 3,000 per person

The cost includes:
— Comfortable transfer
— Tour guide services (expert in the history of aviation)
— Coach tour
— Admission to the museum of aircraft engines
— Admission to the memorials within the programme
— Admission to Gostilitsy airfield
— Aviation lunch

Optional: plane flight