Flight Over the Volga

Aviation weekend tour in Yaroslavl

Become an air traffic controller, have a skydiving training, take pictures of aircraft

Meet the winter version of our tour Journey into Childhood. Adjusted to the local weather, this programme combines outdoors activities, history lessons, o? skydiving and navigational classes, a stay in a hotel with a swimming pool where you can relax after a busy day. You will learn lots of new wonderful stuff, make your own aviation souvenir, try your hand at parachutes (you won’t have to skydive) and air traffic control, find out what a sultan was doing in the sky over Yaroslavl and who immortalised Makarych (Alexey Smirnov) in bronze. If the weather is fine, we will observe the Volga from above.

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Flight Over the Volga

12,700.00 13,700.00 


What will we do?


Become an air traffic controller, cook food over a fire, cuddle with bunnies

We will meet in one of the most fascinating private airfields in Russia — Levtsovo in Yaroslavl — where we will be welcomed by a friendly and omniscient guide. We will go up the control tower which was fitted out in the 1980s, take a look at the Russian largest collection of model aircraft, greet Makarych — the only monument to aircraft mechanics in Russia. Guided by a pro, we will learn to cook aircraft Uzbek pilaf over a fire, take photos with the planes, and meet the airfield rabbits.

The City

Flying, travelling, learning, marvelling
We will wake up in a classy hotel in the heart of the city and, after a proper breakfast, will visit the newest Russian aviation museum and craft our own themed souvenirs. Then we will learn to deal with parachutes: take classes, hang in the harness. You can also choose to skydive. If the weather is fine, we will fly a plane over the Volga. And the dessert of the programme — we will take an exclusive aviation tour of Yaroslavl: we will not just visit the most beautiful places of the city, but also find out how they are related to the history of aviation and transport of the region.

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    Why is it cool?

    get new knowledge and skills

    stay in a hotel with a pool

    plunge into the world of aviation

    see the city in a new light

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    You Ask? We Answer

    Who will take care of me on this tour?

    Andrei Serov

    Our representative in Yaroslavl, your guide
    An aviator through and through, a caring enthusiast who puts his heart and soul into the development of Levtsovo airfield. Together with his team, Andrei came up with all these aviation activities to share them with you.

    How much money will I need?

    Tour price:

    – Base price: RUB 12,700 per person
    – Single supplement: RUB 1,000
    – Plane tour over the city: RUB 3,000 per person
    – Children under 7 get 10% off

    * Subject to fine weather; the cost depends on the number of participants

    The base price includes:
    – Visit to Levtsovo airfield
    – Extended tour of the airfield + a visit to the control tower, navigational class; collection of model aircraft
    – Workshop on cooking food over a fire
    – Introduction to the Soviet planes Yak-52 and An-2, Morava, Yak-12M
    – Stay in the Azimuth hotel in downtown Yaroslavl
    – Meals: tasting of pilaf at Levtsovo, dinner on the first day, breakfast & lunch on the second day
    – Exclusive guided sightseeing aviation tour of Yaroslavl
    – Guiding by a representative of Levtsovo airfield
    – All transfers within the programme
    – First lesson of the skydiving training
    – Workshop on an aircraft souvenir
    – Admission to the Museum of Aviation and Karachikha airfield

    Not included:
    -Transfers to/from Yaroslavl

    The programme is subject to change without prior notice due to weather conditions and force majeure.

    We sincerely believe that the airfield is the most important part of any city. However, we added a sightseeing tour of Yaroslavl dedicated to aviation.

    In an affiliate hotel of the Azimuth chain (superior rooms). The hotel has a restaurant, a bar, and a swimming pool.

    Comfortable clothes. Let this weekend be about your impressions, feelings, and emotions — nothing should disturb you from enjoying life. An airfield is an outdoor space, so wrap up warm. We know that the weather in our latitudes can be whimsical, so we added indoors activities to the winter version of our programme.

    We recommend to take Train 102YA (Moscow—Yaroslavl) which arrives to Yaroslavl at 10.57 am Moscow time. In this case, our vehicle will pick you at the station and take you to Levtsovo airfield. To go back, you can take Train 105YA (Yaroslavl — Moscow) which leaves at 7.43 pm and arrives at 10.58 pm Moscow time.

    For those who love to discover new routes: Tunoshnaairport serves flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    If you travel by car, you can park your car at Levtsovo airfield or the hotel car park. We offer you to join the group for the tour and use our comfortable transfer vehicles.

    This is a seasonal programme for inter-seasonal time and winter, that’s why An-2 flights are not included in the base price. The flight can take place only subject to suitable weather and a sufficient number of people. You can pay for this optional service at the airfield after we receive a clearance. We will advise you on potential availability of the aircraft one week before the tour and the final price which depends on the number of passengers.