Aviation Time Machine

A flight to the aviation of the 1980s — a unique event for private pilots in partnership with the MalAp Association

The only event for private pilots: flights & museums

We are going to have a unique flight in time — from our modern towns, we will go to the aviation past of two regions: the Vologda and the Yaroslavl regions. We will visit aircraft engine production facilities, take a thorough look at the equipment of the control tower of the 1980s and a mysterious vintage terminal that has been preserved in the central part of Russia by some miracle, fight over who really invented the airplane in the memorial estate of Mozhaisky, visit the hometown of Ilyushin, and even cuddle with bunnies. We will spend the Saturday night in a comfortable hotel with a swimming pool.

Double, Single


Aviation Time Machine

25,500.00 27,000.00 


What will we do?


Tour of the factory + two-wheel tractor rides
We will land near the Agat factory which produces aircraft engines and components. We will be greeted by the caring flight director and the factory team. We will take a tour of the factory (no, you can’t press the buttons). The most daring can ride two-wheel tractors which are also produced at this factory — not by plane alone.


Become an air traffic controller, cuddle with bunnies, unwind
We will meet in one of the most fascinating private airfields in Russia — Levtsovo in Yaroslavl — where a friendly and omniscient guide will welcome us. We will go up the control tower which was fitted out in the 1980s, take a look at the Russian largest collection of model aircraft, greet Makarych — the only monument to aircraft mechanics in Russia. Later, we will have an exclusive themed tour from Andrei Serov and check in a nice hotel.


Mozhaisky, Ilyushin, and the vintage terminal
Aviation everywhere. It’s especially nice to meet it where you don’t expect to. For example, among architectural woodcarving, lace, and butter — in other words, in Vologda. This is home to Alexander Mozhaisky and the aircraft designer Ilyushin. This is home to Alexander Mozhaisky and the aircraft designer Ilyushin. This is a place which preserved a vintage airport terminal with wooden phone booths and white-and-blue Soviet signs. We will fly there to see it all.

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    Why is it cool?

    new flight route

    stay in a hotel with a pool

    especially for pilots

    lots of new information

    You Ask? We Answer

    How much money will I need?

    Tour price:

    — Base price: RUB 25,500 per person (pilots)
    — Single supplement: RUB 1,500
    — Passengers: RUB 6,400
    — Children under 10: RUB 3,000

    The cost includes:
    — Air traffic control services in landing airfields
    — Takeoff and landing fees
    — Parking in Levtsovo (overnight Saturday-Sunday)
    — Tour of the Agat factory
    — Extended tour of the airfield + a visit to the control tower, navigational class; collection of model aircraft; introduction to the Soviet planes Yak-52 and An-2, Morava, Yak-12M
    — Exclusive sightseeing aviation tour of Yaroslavl with Andrei Serov
    — Guiding by a representative of Levtsovo airfield
    — All bus transfers within the programme
    — Workshop on an aircraft souvenir
    — Admission to the new aviation museum in Yaroslavl
    — Themed aviation tour in Vologda
    — Admission to the vintage terminal of the Vologda airport (no need to laugh, the admission is paid at weekends)
    — Admission to Mozhaisky’s memorial estate Mozhaisky’s

    – Stay in the Azimuth hotel in downtown Yaroslavl

    — Meals: two lunches, breakfast, dinner

    Not included:
    — Fuel
    — Extra costs at airfields connected with aircraft handling & maintenance

    The programme is subject to change due to weather conditions and force majeure.

    Who’s there?

    Andrei Serov

    Yaroslavl Aviator

    Holder of invaluable knowledge and the keys to the sacred control tower

    Katya Khobotova

    Guide, Around and About company

    The best aviation storyteller in Vologda

    Dmitri Kulikov

    Founding Father of the MalAp Association

    Guide to the mysterious world of light aircraft

    Katya Tropova

    Boss, Avia Events

    Came up with this mess of an idea and disturbs the others

    What to do?

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