Corporate Customers & Partners

Corporate Customers

Any of our tours can be adapted to your company or a customer event. Or we can develop a completely new tour — the only limits are your imagination and the law. Well, and the sky, of course.


We work with different groups. We can adjust our programmes for amateurs and professionals. We know how to amaze and please people.


We will show you the world from a completely new angle. There has never been such tourism in Russia. You should not limit yourself to the framework of your usual corporate events - we are expanding the understanding of tourism in Russia. When we say that our programs are completely new for the region, we are not dissembling. Travel professionals have developed them specifically for our tourists.


Avia Events is a national tour operator. We have come a long way to obtain our licences. Our activities are insured in accordance with the law. We do not just sell tours, we develop them. We partner only with the most trusted service providers. Unlike many other companies offering exclusive tours, we do all paperwork to make sure your trips are as comfortable and safe as possible, including all contracts, invoices, closing documents.

Suitable for Expatriates

We have a considerable experience with foreign groups, so if your foreign colleagues come to Russia for work, it will be especially thrilling for them to discover other facets of our country — not only hackneyed tourist attractions which they can see on their own, but the world of the history of Russian transport.


We are happy to cooperate with professional travel agencies. We offer ready-made solutions and we can develop exclusive programme for your customers. Depending on your preferences, we can create one- to seven-day tours, tours for professionals and for amateurs, for children and veterans, away from big cities or closer to central regions.


If you are developing aircraft manufacturing or a museum, if you organise themed events or sell themed products, if you have invaluable experience in aviation or you’d like to receive aviators as guests, just contact us (active email link or a request submission form), and we will make good friends.

Students and Volunteers

If your dream of working in the travel industry, but you are not sure where to begin; if you are possessed by aviation, but you have never touched the yoke yet; if you can tell a Yak-52 from a Yak-18 and you can pronounce ‘radiotransparent radome,’ but you still don’t know how to use this knowledge, contact us (active email link or a request submission form), and we will think about it together.

our tours and events

What we can?

  • Offer you to join us for one of the existing programmes
  • Develop a new tour for you in any region of Russia based on the existing ones or from scratch
  • Organise a charter flight on a rare or little-known type of aircraft (this is one of our specialties!) for groups of 6 to 60 people
  • Combine programmes in neighbouring regions
  • Add or change activities within a programme at the request
  • Arrange flights over the cities of your stay
  • Deliver guided tours in different languages at your request

What we won’t do

  • Violate the rules of aviation security and flight safety
  • Fly unreliable/banned aircraft
  • Promise more than we can do
  • Guarantee that everything will happen as planned. If you someone in the transport industry promises you that, avoid working with them — there is always a chance something may go wrong. However, we know how to minimise such chances
  • Offer you things you do not need — selling is not our goal; we strive to make the world a little better

Our partners