who are we?

Avia Еvents

is a team of sky lovers with a huge experience in aviation events and a tour operator certified by Rosturism. We make your air dreams come true — we have worked on it for many years. Together with our customers, we have flown dozens of planes in Central and Northwest Russia, landed a Mi-8 in a field and a Tu-134, at the exposition at the MAX air show. We have taken air-to-air shots of an An-2, performed aerobatics in a Yak-52, and even flipped our tourists upside down in zero-G.

We have developed over 20 routes connected with the past and present of aviation for aircraft enthusiasts and connoisseurs of extraordinary things. We have dug through the archives, questioned historians and pilots, drunk many litres of tea with gingerbread in aviation museums and aircraft factories together with their employees to develop the most awesome, extremely astonishing, and amazing programs.

We love the sky, planes, airports and airfields, we adore flying and making your flying dreams come true.

Для любителей авиации и ценителей всего необычного мы разработали более 20 маршрутов, связанных с историей и современностью авиации. Мы копались в архивах, мы пытали историков и лётчиков, мы выпили литры чая с пряниками в авиационных музеях и на авиационных заводах, вместе с их работниками разрабатывая для вас самые классные, совершенно неожиданные и удивительные программы.

Мы любим небо, самолеты, аэропорты и аэродромы, мы очень любим летать и воплощать в жизнь ваши мечты о полётах.

Why us?


We have all the documents and insurances. We develop awesome air tours in Russia and beyond and we take it seriously.


We partner only with reliable suppliers of services — your safety is our safety.


We love what we do and we value our suppliers, tourists, partners. We do not ‘go to work,’ we make dreams come true.


We are pioneers in our sphere. We developed most tours from scratch to impress even those who are hard to impress.


We do not save on you — we take you to places we have been to and book hotels we ourselves stay in. Tours & Events

How do we do it?

Meet Our Team

Anna Podnebesnikova

Administrative Support

She knows all digits and papers. She fights the red tape to make sure our customers never have to deal with it

Elena Vishnyakova

Customer Love Manager

Caring request handler, contract maker, chat/mailing starter, social media fairy

Ivan Sarkisov

Susanin of Our Town

Tour organiser & guide. Connoisseur of rare and beautiful trips, entertainer, and explorer

Katya Tropova

Our Captain

She produces chaos and new ideas, disturbs the others, demands the impossible, has a different view of the world

We have friends

They are the smartest and most enthusiastic people who work every day to deliver the best service and make our customers happy.

Kirill Uyutnov

Travel Photographer

Kirill is a wildlife photographer and an organizer of tours throughout Russia, from Franz Josef Land to Dagestan

Sergei Martirosyan


Author of the philosophy ‘flying for flying.’ The first man to organise special air events in Russia

Lutz Schoenfeld

International Support

All he thinks about is flights — morning till night. He spreads the seed of our aviation ideas around the world

Katya Khobotova

Guide in Vologda

She has studied aircraft through and through especially for Avia Events, and now she knows more than we do. Well, and she is terrifically charismatic

Dmitri Kulikov

Founding Father of the MalAp Association

Guide to the mysterious world of light aircraft, brave aeronaut, certified drone pilot

Andrei Serov

Yaroslavl Aviator

A caring enthusiast who puts his heart and soul into the development of Levtsovo airfield; the author of the regional aviation tours

Our Mission

Introduce tourists to the amazing history of Russian aviation

Develop new destinations, show new dimensions of Russian regions

Preserve aircraft and unique infrastructure

Promote aircraft and aviation to the public