Caucasus Aviation Tour



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7 days

in unique region


on different planes


breathtaking places


possible hotels


from 5400 EUR


upto 20

                                                                                                     PRE-TOUR (24.09.2022)

Day 0

  • Full-day guided jeep-tour in Dagestan
  • Sulak canyon. A must-see location in Dagestan: a turquoise river winding like a ribbon among high mountains, view from different viewing platforms, and then take a boat ride down the river. Trout farm. Stop for lunch at the village of Yantarnoye — one of the best fish farms in the region is located here, taste local fish dishes and appreciate the Dagestan hospitality. Dune Sarykum. Another amazing location along the route: walk in the sands of this local desert or ride a horse on a horse farm instead.
  • Additional night in the hotel

                                                                     AVIATION (MAIN) TOUR PROGRAM (25.09.2022-27.09.2022)
Day 1

  • Meeting with group in Makhachkala (MCX)
    Transfer to the airport
    RT Helicopter flight to Derbent, main point – Ekranoplane “Caspian Monster”, about 1 hour each leg, additional landings possible, helicopter — Eurocopter EC130T2
  • Lunch
  • Photo opportunity with the “Caspian Monster”
  • Transfer to the city
  • Dinner in the local restaurant
  • Overnight stay in Makhachkala

Day 2

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Transfer to Gudermes airfield (120 km)
  • Lunch
  • An-28 pleasure flight/ flight to Grozny main airport, in about 1 hour flight, private operator
  • Optional*: Ultra light flights
  • Transfer to Grozny (30 km)
  • Check-in at the “Grozny city” 5* hotel
  • Dinner in the well-known restaurant with panoramic view

Day 3

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Transfer to Vladicavkaz (100 km)
  • Day on the “Gizel” airfield:
    An-2 pleasure flight over mountains, 40 min, operator — DOSAAF
  • Lunch on the airfield, local, home-made food
  • Optional: glider flight – price from 80 EUR
  • Optional: L-29 30-min flight over mountains – price from 500 EUR
  • Transfer to the hotel, check-in
  • Dinner at the local  restaurant “Grusha”
  • Overnight stay in “Vladicavkas”/“Imperial” hotel


                                                                                      AFTER-PARTY (28.09.2022-01.10.2022)

Day 4

Full-day guided tour:
monuments of nature and ancient culture in the Kurtatinsky, Dargavsky gorges, Kadargavan canyon and art object «bars», Dzivgis rock fortress, Alansky Monastery, Kurt and Tag towers, Swing over the cliff, Kakadur pass and art object «Letter», Dargav necropolis, Kakhtisar pass overlooking the beautiful Koban gorge. A stop for lunch at a rural house, where we will be treated to Ossetian pies from a wood-fired oven.

Day 5

  • Full-day guided tour:
    Alagir and Tseyskoe gorges, monument to the Patron Saint of Men (St. George), hydrogen sulphide lake, half-abandoned mining villages, a new hydroelectric power station, Tseyskoe gorge. Ascent by cable car to the glacier, Kasar gorge. Lunch in the local restaurant. Stop at the Zaramagsky reservoir, Unal village — visit to the tower-museum. A unique restored tower complex.
  • Price from 150 EUR

Main program includes:

  • Flights:
    AN-28 pleasure flight
    Eurocopter RT flight Makhachkala – Derbent
    An-2 40-min flight over mountains
  • Caspian monster photo opportunity
  • All transfers
  • Accommodation: Makhachkala – 4* hotel
  • Grozny – “Grozny-city” 5* hotel
  • Vladicavkaz – “Vladicavkaz/Imperial” 4* hotel, superior rooms
  • All meals, tea, water

Not included:

  • Pre-party part – price starts from 100 EUR
  • After-party part – price starts from 150 EUR
  • All flights and services, marked with “optional” *limited seats
  • Single room supplement: + 100€
  • Alcohol and soft drinks from the bars
  • Souvenir
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